Complete Supply Chain

At present, there are 185 qualified suppliers in class A, 83 in class B, and 15 in class C, of which more than 75% are located in East China, and the rest are scattered in South China, Central China and other places.


INTCO medical professional supply chain team divides the material into A class key materials, B class important materials, C class general materials classification management suppliers according to the material attributes,and selects qualified suppliers according to the geographical location, scale, equipment level, management level, supply and demand of raw materials.

  • Scientific management, comprehensive control of supplier resources

    In order to better manage enterprise resources, our company has introduced the SRM system, which makes supply chain management fully controlled.
    The SRM management system includes supplier source search, price comparison, approval, bidding management, process management, inventory visual reconciliation, order execution, supplier performance evaluation, etc.
    At the same time, it is matched with our company’s independently developed production management system and ERP system, so that in the procurement process, through the coordination of product quality and the coordination of the procurement process, it can effectively control the procurement cost and effectively manage the supplier.
  • Strict principles of supplier access, select high-quality partners

    INTCO Medical has a sound procurement management system, which aims to effectively control the process of product procurement, prevent product quality from being affected by supplier audit errors, and evaluate and assess supplier selection and the quality, delivery and service provided by suppliers to ensure that the quality of purchased products meets the requirements of the company.
    The annual supplier review mechanism of the supply chain department will regularly eliminate low-scoring suppliers, and take qualified suppliers with high scores as the preferred purchasing objects of similar materials. The quality management department will also regularly audit the quality system of Class A suppliers to ensure consistent raw material quality.
  • Supplier risk dispersion and emergency plan

    INTCO Medical’s supply chain management team reduces the pact of supply chain risks by identifying and evaluating potential risks, establishing close cooperation, and dealing with technical risks.
    INTCO’s supply chain system has diversified suppliers, and disperses the geographical location of suppliers, greatly reducing the risk caused by a single supplier or regional failure. In addition, INTCO’s supply chain team can develop emergency plans and make advance preparations to ensure the continuous operation of the supply chain.
  • Sustainable development of the supply chain

    The INTCO supply chain team has a long-term cooperative relationship with the supplier group, and requires them to abide by the environmental protection policy and the principle of sustainable development.
    At the same time, by optimizing the efficiency of resource utilization, promoting technological innovation and digital transformation, strengthening the awareness of social responsibility and cooperation, and establishing a transparent and traceable supply chain system, to realize the sustainable development of the factory supply chain.