• AEO Senior Certified Logistics Team

    INTCO as an AEO senior certifi enterprise, has absolute competitiveness in international trade.

    We can enjoy preferential measures at the “domestic and international” two levels, which can reduce the frequency of customs inspection and the risk of goods detention. Obtaining the support of the government means that we can speed up customs clearance, which can effectively improve the safety of goods transportation.

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    Reliable Shipping Company

    Reliable shipping companies provide our customers with the space to choose various transportation methods under the premise of ensuring the space and reducing the logistics cost of customers.

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    Logistics Packaging

    Our products are packed with materials that do not react with gel components. The appropriate size of the packing method and the double-layer packaging of the inner and outer boxes can provide sufficient protection performance, to avoid the reaction failure of the product lining caused by collision and extrusion during transportation.


    The packaging is printed with clear product information, including composition, use method, production date, expiration date, etc., and the products can meet the relevant regulations during transportation.


    We attach importance to the green requirements of our suppliers, practice the concept of low carbon and environmental protection, and are gradually increasing the proportion of FSC packaging materials.


    We are committed to reflecting the concept of sustainable development in our products.

  • Warehousing System


The two production bases are equipped with scientific management of the warehousing system,and we set up a transit warehouse in the United States, to provide customers with more convenient supply chain services.