Lean Production Management

By integrating 5S and TPM management, we reduce factory downtime, enhance production efficiency and product quality, while also lowering production costs.

  • Class 100,000 Cleanroom


    Our hand sanitizer purification workshop employs a series of purification equipment, including air filters, clean workbenches, air showers, etc., to ensure that the air quality within the workshop meets the required standards.


    The absolute standard and regulated design and management of the workshop guarantee the purification effect.


    The ten-thousand-grade quality testing room has established a highly purified spatial environment that effectively ensures that the substances and conditions inside the laboratory are not disturbed by external factors.

  • Automated Production Line

    The Physical Therapy Nursing Division of Intco Medical is currently implementing automation reforms and has already established several automated production lines. Among them, the hand sanitizer production line features automated filling, labeling, and coding in one integrated process, with a capacity of up to 4000 bottles per hour.


    The ice pack production line with a carousel system automates both sealing and material unloading, which reduces the manpower by one person compared to a manual production line.


    An additional automated line will be put into operation next year.


    The per capita productivity is high, the workers are skilled and stable, and the average output per worker is 30%-40% higher than the industry standard.

  • 5S Management

    INTCO Global Base implements 5S management (SEIRI, SEITON, SEISO, SEIKETSU and SHITSUKE) to enhance work efficiency, reduce failure rates, minimize waste,and simultaneously strengthen the sense of responsibility and team spirit among employees.
    It maintains a clean, tidy, orderly, and efficient working environment at all times.
  • TPM Management

    INTCO integrates TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) management with 5S management, supporting maintenance activities through the improvement of organization and cleanliness in the workplace.


    We encourage participation from everyone, from management to frontline operators, with each individual contributing to enhancing equipment efficiency and the working environment.


    By combining the principles of lean production and comprehensive productive maintenance, we aim to optimize the production process, increase production efficiency, reduce costs, ensure product quality, and establish an efficient, flexible, and competitive production system.


Quality Management System And Qualification

We are proficient in the supervision and quality control systems of global medical device manufacturers.


This ensures that each product we produce meets strict international safety and quality standards.


Social responsibility and quality audit are carried out on time to meet the needs of our large medical, retail and transportation/logistics customer base beyond the qualification requirements of third-party organizations.


Delivery time rate is 100%, product detection coverage is 100%, quality management system conforms to the provisions of ISO13485 and the provisions of QSR820 in the United States. The production process includes raw material detection, the whole process from intermediate goods to finished products can be traced, and the problems occurring in the process or the client can be investigated in time, with a rapid response!


In compliance with multinational standards, including CE, MDSAP, UKCA, MDD, MDR requirements.

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