Timely Response Mechanism

24-hour customer service timely response to customer needs,
eliminate the impact of time difference, ready to reply to your questions at any time.
  • 24 Hours Customer Service


    Our website is equipped with 24 hours customer service, you can choose instant consultation,you can also fill in your information in the form, our partners will contact you in the shortest time.

  • Professional Sales Continuous Communication

    With rich experience in sales team insight into market orientation and industry knowledge, in understanding customer needs at the same time,can quickly give targeted product improvement program, and establish continuous communication for you.
    In the past experience, we produced a variety of products in different markets, different needs of all kinds of customers can be flexibly met, customized design product formula and production delivery programs.
  • After-Sales Service

    We have a special customer complaint handling team to follow up the order problems, analyze the causes, and improve lean; for the problem to set up a topic, focus on the key, timely treatment and delivery of improvement results.

    Our sales will periodically return visit product quality and sales situation in order to help customers adjust product schemes in a timely manner;
    After receiving customer complaints, we organized the quality and R&D department to investigate the causes of the incident in the first time, and gave customers satisfactory solutions.