Team Personnel Advantages

• Professional Experience

• Educational Background

• Compliance Assurance

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    Professional Experience

    Our team consists of seasoned professionals with over ten years of experience in hot and cold compress products.


    They possess a profound understanding of thermotherapy and cryotherapy technologies, enabling us to better comprehend industry needs.And trends and providing strong support for product innovation and optimization.

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    Educational Background

    The team boasts a diverse range of educational backgrounds, covering multiple disciplines such as chemistry, materials science, environmental engineering, and biology.


    Such diversity facilitates the integration of knowledge from different fields, offering a more comprehensive perspective for research and development.


    Moreover, over 50% of our team members hold postgraduate degrees or higher, ensuring that we possess profound professional knowledge and scientific research capabilities.

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    Compliance Assurance

    Our team includes dedicated compliance and regulation engineers responsible for tracking and interpreting relevant regulations and standards to ensure that our product development and production processes comply with legal requirements, thereby reducing regulatory risks.


    We make certain that our product development strictly adheres to international and regional regulatory requirements. compliance and regulation engineers integrate these requirements into our R&D process, providing a solid regulatory foundation for the smooth launch of our products.